Italy & San Marino

At the top of Italy's northern borders sits Mont Blanc, the highest peak in the Alps, and the ski-resorts of South Tyrol. Some of northern Italy's must-visit cities include the fashionable Milan, romantic Venice, Cinque Terre, awe-inspiring Florence with the Duomo Florence, and the ever-popular Rome!

Between Naples, the picturesque Amalfi Coast, Pompeii and the Mediterranean islands of Capri, Sicily and Sardinia southern Italy is rich with historic cities, UNSECO sites and stunning beaches.

And nestled in the mountains is San Marino, a maze of mediaeval streets, cafes and piazzas with stunning views!


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Italy & San Marino


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Our entrance with a bright marble floor


Lungarno Degli Acciaiuoli, 14, FLORENCE , 50123.

A fascinating journey: hospitality that blends tradition and modernity. Florence becomes one’s own hometown for a moment, welcoming us with a comforting embrace and leading us to discover some of its most ancient and fascinating places. For those who prefer a room with a view, the Berchielli, in the very heart of the city, is the ideal solution.

Able to mix classical and modern elements with knowledge and passion, the Berchielli Hotel in Florence provides excellent accommodations for an elegant stay.

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