New York, your client´s next stop?

New York City, the most populous city in the U.S.A., is famous for its skyline, yellow taxi cabs, subway system, and the Statue of Liberty that once welcomed millions of immigrants into the United States.

To gain an iconic perspective of the bright lights of the big city, visitors may want to see the Empire State from the Top of the Rock, walk the Brooklyn Bridge to see Manhattan from afar, or gain a unique vantage point from 30 ft (9 meters) above street level on the High Line, a repurposed railway that weaves through buildings of Chelsea. 

Quintessential attractions to visit at ground level include Times Square, China Town, and Central Park. And nested in the park itself are the popular destinations of the Natural History Museum and the Met, aka The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and five blocks from here is the Guggenheim, which is worth visiting for the architecture alone. 

The Big Apple is also known for cuisine, with over 500 Michelin starred restaurants, however visitors are sure to want to taste the influence of the city's history of immigration, from the New York bagels influenced by Polish Jews, to New York pizza introduced by the Italians.